FLAC2CD 4.1.1

An attractive and easy-to-use application to burn your FLAC+CUE files to CD
4.1.1 (See all)

Flac2CD is a straightforward utility devised to help you burn audio CDs from your FLAC+CUE rips without going through the various steps usually required to do so. Thus, all you need to do is load your matching FLAC and CUE files and wait while Flac2CD and your CD drive do all the hard work.

CD burning tools do not come simpler than this - the program's sole purpose is to transfer various tracks embedded in your single-file FLAC rips to a compact disc. To do so properly, Flac2CD will need the corresponding CUE file, which stores all the information required to split the FLAC file at the exact points in time when each track begins and ends. If the certain option is selected during the ripping process, Flac2CD will also be able to insert each of the silence gaps in between tracks in just the right place and with the exact duration they had in the original recording. Thus, using your FLAC+CUE rips, this burning tool can create unlimited clones of your favorite CDs.

The program interface is well designed and offers you a fairly attractive layout. Once the FLAC and the CUE files have been analyzed, the program will display valuable information about each of the tracks that will be part of the disc, including not only their length, but also their title and artist as they appear in the CUE file.

Francisco Martínez
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